Thursday, March 17, 2011

Finn’s 5th Birthday

Well, thank goodness Finn can’t access the internet, he doesn’t know there is a blog about him and his sister, and he can’t read. If he was knowledgeable about any of those things he’d know that his Mama is way behind in posting about his 5th birthday.

I’ve thought lot about posting about Finn’s birthday but the farther from the day it gets, the more pressure I feel to recap the event in detail. The more detail I try to remember, the more I regret not posting the day of the event. The more I realize I can’t remember, the older I feel. The older I feel, the sadder I get. The sadder I get, the more I visit the liquor store (conveniently)  down the street. The more I visit the liquor store, the less money I have to buy my couch. The less money I have to buy my couch, the more I overtime I sign up for at work. The more overtime I work, the less time I have to post about Finn’s birthday. See where I’m going with this?

Hopefully when I’m 82 and Finn is 51, the following photos and minimal captions will tell the story of the birthday that celebrated his half decade of life.

 Finn's 5th birthday 002

Niamh went to school with a 7 painted on her face because she is not to be outdone by her brother…not even on his  birthday.

Finn's 5th birthday 063

At lunch with the Prentices and Sieberts. We really like them. 5 years has not cured Finn’s eye deviations.

Finn's 5th birthday 065

Hadley Jane. My favorite UnWestover.

Finn's 5th birthday 069

This is what happens when you say to Hadley “be silly.” She shows you her bootie. I’m pretty sure that after this photo, Hads said she was going to pee on all of us…and I laughed…and her Mom gave me “that look.”

Finn's 5th birthday 071

Finn's 5th birthday 083

This is the look that a 5 year old boy gives you when you give him books for his birthday for the sake of his mom. He looks at you like “Ummmm, is this a Lego set?”

Finn's 5th birthday 087

This is the kind of cake the greatest Mom in the world makes. Wondering how I made it? Well, keep wondering. I had to suffer through tutorials and the search for a Lego mold, so should you.

(I’m cheap. For $5 I’ll tell you the secret how to make it.)

Finn's 5th birthday 090

Finn's 5th birthday 101

Finn's 5th birthday 116

Finn's 5th birthday 120

Finn's 5th birthday 122

Heading downstairs for the “movie” part of the Movie Birthday Party.

Finn's 5th birthday 128

Finn's 5th birthday 152

This shot was taken from the disco balcony in our dining room. We’re cool.

Finn's 5th birthday 170

Finn's 5th birthday 174

Playing “Dancing Statues”.

Finn's 5th birthday 190

Finn's 5th birthday 214

Finn's 5th birthday 228

Finn's 5th birthday 257


Finn's 5th birthday 258

The cake that looked great but tasted awful.

I believe that looks are everything.

Finn's 5th birthday 277

The best group of Preschoolers in the Pacific NW!

Finn's 5th birthday 273

I wish I could Age Enhance this 12 years to their senior year in high school.


AL said...

wow, I was totally thinking that those boys will be laughing at the same poses they are doing at senior prom, especially photo 9. LOVE the cake, Supermom.

AL said...

Wait a minute, you published this 20 minutes ago and Steve said you had a babysitter and were going out tonight.....lame (supermom).

AL said...

Oops, Am/Pm shmee-em. Sorry. Hope you are on a nice date without the kiddos :)

Loosy said...

I loved this post.
What an awesome 5th birthday.
That cake is ridiculously good.
I just love this little family.

Meg said...

Oh so much to say. First of all...those cakes, outta this world. And I got to see them with my own eyes and got to see you wash the windows. Who cares if they tasted bad, kids have no taste buds anyway...have you ever tried gogurt..AWFUL! We loved being your lunch dates. Glad nobody got peed on. And yes, the book was only to shut you up. Hope the Legos made him forget all about the dumb book. I think you are the funniest, coolest, most fun, amazing Mama I know. And I think your boy proves just how wonderful you are. He's golden.

Meg said...

AL, if it makes you feel better, I can't read an analog clock. So don't feel bad about the whole AM/PM could happened to anyone. In fact, I'm betting half of Finn's party woulda screwed that one up too.