Monday, December 10, 2012

Finn's 1st Grade Photo

Well helloooooo there, Ladies. I'm Finn. My parents will let me date in 2021. Until then, we can be "friends".

Every now and then, Steve gives me this same look and I run.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Halloween 2012

We weren't very scary this year. 

Finn was the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man from Ghost Busters.

Niamh was the most docile Leopard this side of the Woodland Park Zoo.

I was a Giant Turkey.

Steve.....well, Steve was pretty scary as Ed Grimley from SNL. Its OK if you thought he looks like Pee Wee Herman. He was just as creepy. Keep him away from your kids, Folks.

We hosted this year's NeighborsMeetAndInhalePastaAndBeerGathering pre trick or treating. 
Finn was attacked by A Wild Thing, and a very chatty Leopard more than once before we headed out.

Help me, Rhonda. This gang is growing up.
Niamh, age nearly 9-Leopard; Anjali, age 7-Mona the Vampire; Kiran, age 4-Mailman; Ella, age 7-Witch (the good one); Simone, age 3-Leopard; Neighbor Finn, age 6-Wild Thing.
Their advanced ages were most noticeable while hitting the houses up and down our street. This year, they could all run and navigate stairs. Their speed and efficiency was greatly improved over last year. I think our typical route was complete in about an hour. I have no idea if they said Trick or Treat, or Thank You. I lagged behind jabbering to my adult friends and was never really at the same house at the same time as my kids. It was a successful evening by all of our standards.

 I'd like to take a moment to talk about Kelli.
Kelli is a young, cool, nice, popular, intelligent, beautiful, social gal. We don't know why she continues to hang out with us. Either she continues to be the geek she said she was in high school and has us all fooled, or she genuinely likes us. Finn and I really hope she likes us. Creepy Ed Grimley reminded me a couple days ago that for a while, after he first met Kelli, and before she started hanging out with us regularly, that he referred to her as Hot Nurse Kelli (not to be confused with Hot Nurse Jessica, Cute Nurse Meg, or Hot Friend Nicole. He really is a Creepster.) Anyhow, Kelli is up for anything. She's the same gal that comes camping with us. The only one without a kid, and she always gets assigned one to her. 
Halloween afternoon, Kelli texted me a photo of her dressed as a Bumble Bee with a couple of her Nurse Practitioner colleagues, and one of our Cardiologists as the Bee Keeper.  After making fun of her, I asked if she wanted to join us and the neighbors for spaghetti and trick or treating. She immediately said, Sure (after I confirmed that there would be beer and wine). AND, she showed up! She blows me away. I adore her. Finn has a crush on her that as a 6 year old, he can't verbalize, but he always wants to know what she's up to and if she is coming over, and when she does, he becomes shy but keeps his eyes on her. Its adorable. I totally approve of this relationship. I have a crush on Kelli too.
Enough about my 6year old son and my 39 year old husband and me and Kelli. 

November 1, I woke to Finn's voice: 77, 78, 79......The two were counting and sorting their loot, setting aside the peanut butter ones for me. Halloween 2012 was good.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

It Happened

The day has finally come when she wears my old clothes. She has been waiting for this day since she was old enough to realize she wants all my shoes when I'm dead.
Here she is, wearing my circa 2002 Juicy Couture hoodie. Lucky for us all, I gave the pants away after wearing them through two pregnancies. I couldn't bear to look at them any more.
I remember buying this luxury item at the Westfield Fashion Square Bloomingdale's in Sherman Oaks, CA. I had to have one to fit in with the rest of So Cal. (I don't think I ever fit in.)
Niamh, may you get as much wear out of it as I did. I guess it was worth the $100 price tag.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

She's Awsome

I guess when you don't hear it often enough, you just write it on your arm.
You ARE awesome, Niamh. I should tell you much more often. 
Maybe I should also spell it out for you.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Lakedale 2012

It was perhaps the most dramatic Rose Ceremony Camping Trip yet.
We had grown up tears, a kid with nocturnal emesis, bike crashes, long talks about life and love and the pursuit of happiness outside of the LA Area, and two dead car batteries. 
For next year, The Council has decided to take a vote before allowing pregnant campers to spend the night. I'm sure that our pregnant camper felt forced to stay...she was. I think we had to hide her keys, let her dog run amok, and strand her other kid in the lake to keep her there longer. I can't figure out why she even thought she should come at the height of First Trimester hormones (maybe because I begged her), but the Ferry was expensive and nobody wanted her to waste the fare.

For all the complaining we do about the set up, tear down, and kids waking up at the crack of dawn, we seem to manage a great time. For the record, we know we could probably scale down on our "necessities", but if the ball tent had kept Carson contained it would have been the most useful item Meg packed.

Meg and Katie, I know I have to trick you in to doing it again each year, but I swear you both just like to listen to me grovel and whine and tell you how nobody can make me laugh the way you both do. Geez, I'm pretty pathetic. Whatever works.
Aleah and Kelli, I can't figure out why you are both so willing to repeat history, but I love you for it. I need you two to help me convince the other two that we really are having fun. (We are having fun, right?) Finn loves you for it too, Kelli. In fact, Finn loves Kelli for everything about her. Finn plain old loves Kelli. 

I know I said that I was resigning as Camp Director, but nobody else wants the job. I booked Fort Worden for next August. Mark your calendars. NO excuses. You are all going. (Katie, you're still on probation. But, I think you prefer it like that.)

Monday, October 8, 2012

Go Team!

They have no idea how dorky this is.
Good thing I know... and had the whereabouts to capture the moment and share it.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Its No Wonder I Get Nothing Done

This morning I was reading a blog post by a dad speculating the thoughts that go on in his toddler's head. The list is chaotic, full of contradictions, and no thought lasts more than 3 seconds.
Just now, as I was attempting to get one productive thing accomplished before leaving to volunteer in Niamh's 3rd grade Classroom, I realized how my thoughts and actions are much like those of that toddler. 

Here is what I can remember to recap my morning since the kids left for school, I showered and had my pot of coffee, and scraped the tape residue off the front window.

 1. Its such a nice day. I'll walk to the school. I should leave around 1:00
 2. I want to clean the office.
 3. There's the new Anthro Catalog.
 4. I have to pee. I'll bring the catalog.
 5. Look at the Anthro site at more views of the outfits I like in the catalog.
 6. Head to the office to clean.
 7. Vacuum Dog Area
 8. Head to the office to clean.
 9. Find shammy to clean computer screen.
10. Clean Computer screen.
11. Look at
12. Head to office to clean.
13. Think about sharpening all the colored pencils.
14. Clean out the old cabinet in the office with the intent to take it to the curb with a FREE sign.
15. Start to carry cabinet upstairs and out to the curb.
16. Eat an apple.
17. Start a grocery list.
18. Change my mind about walking because if I drive I can just go get groceries when I leave the school and be back in time to get the kids from the bus. 
19. Check online to see if Amazon Fresh can deliver today so that I can still walk in the nice weather to the school.
20. Get flip flops from back porch.
21. Smile at the dogs cuddling in the sun.
22. Think about bathing the dogs today because its nice and sunny.
23. Take the cabinet to the curb.
24. Notice the mint growing up through a shrub of Lamb's Ear and think about adding limes to my grocery list.
25. Decide that blogging this can be finished before I have to leave for the school. 

 I need less coffee and more focus.
Gotta run. Now I might be late for my volunteer hour.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

I Hope it Never Ends

70 degrees and October is just days away. Unheard of around these parts. 
The ice cream truck might just sell out of Sponge Bob on a stick this year.

We Need to Talk

I think Finn and I need to talk about mixing (and not mixing) patterns. I think Steve needs to stay out of the conversation.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Not a Single Nevaeh to be Found

In Ireland, weird names like Nevaeh don't exist. 

I should have taken a photo of the racks of personalized key chains for Aoife, Dearbhail, Saoirse, and Aodhan.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Leprechaun Safari

We are in Ireland on vacation!

The President of Ireland, the kids just call him Grandpa, invited us on a 2 week trip and we graciously obliged! 
So far, we have met countless cousins, aunts, and uncles, driven from Dublin to Wicklow to Meath to Wicklow to Dublin to Coon to Thurles to Coon to Kilkenny and back to Coon again. 
The kids are loving their Irish counterparts and the animals in each of their back yards....some yards have a dog, others sheep, chickens, and ponies. 
We've seen rainbows and 4 leaf clovers, thousands years old stone ruins, and a castle. However, the leprechauns continue to escape us. Uncle Tom says that there are a hundred of them on his farm but we have to be up by 6am to catch them. None of us seem to think that's worth the effort.

We will be back in a week with a sing songy accent, smelling like the Irish Sea, and 7 lbs of Cadburys heavier.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Just Now: Gus

I just came downstairs and found Gus in the laundry basket.
Boxers have an inexplicable misinterpretation of their size.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

now THAT'S a tough choice

**The following is not a dramatization, it is a real conversation between an 8 year old girl and her mother who needs to drink more water.**

Niamh: Momma, what if someone said to you you could have coffee or beer, which would you choose?

Me:  Hmmmm, what time of day is it?

Niamh: Its the middle of the day.

Me: Oooohhhhh, this could go either way. What's the weather like?

Niamh: I'm gonna make this hard. Its cloudy with the sun peeking out.

Me: Is Megan with me?

Niamh: No. That's too easy.

Me: Ok, what am I wearing?

Niamh: A pretty dress.

Me: Boots and tights or sandals and bare legs?

Niamh: Boots and tights.

Me: I've got my answer. Coffee.

Niamh: I thought you'd choose that.

Me: Cheers, Kid.

Friday, August 10, 2012


Sometimes, everything you need to have a nice evening lives right across the street from you.

Reshma showed up at my house at 9am, clad in jammies, bearing fresh out of the oven blueberry muffins, and asked if we would like to join her family for dinner at Gas Works that evening. 
I asked her why she didn't bring coffee.

10 hours later, we had ourselves a feast with a bucket of chicken, mac and cheese, kale salad, and a bottle of wine. 

This goes on the Must Do Again list.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Its Not Fair

They always do really fun things when I'm at work.
It happens too often for it to be a coincidence.