Wednesday, August 22, 2012

now THAT'S a tough choice

**The following is not a dramatization, it is a real conversation between an 8 year old girl and her mother who needs to drink more water.**

Niamh: Momma, what if someone said to you you could have coffee or beer, which would you choose?

Me:  Hmmmm, what time of day is it?

Niamh: Its the middle of the day.

Me: Oooohhhhh, this could go either way. What's the weather like?

Niamh: I'm gonna make this hard. Its cloudy with the sun peeking out.

Me: Is Megan with me?

Niamh: No. That's too easy.

Me: Ok, what am I wearing?

Niamh: A pretty dress.

Me: Boots and tights or sandals and bare legs?

Niamh: Boots and tights.

Me: I've got my answer. Coffee.

Niamh: I thought you'd choose that.

Me: Cheers, Kid.