Monday, April 26, 2010

Crime in the Home

This morning, while lying in bed, Niamh came upstairs with her IReallyWantYouToGetMadAtFinnForWrongingMe voice and whined, “Mommy, Finn just punched me in the tummy and tried to take my money.” She opened her hand and showed me a quarter. I told her I would talk to him.

When she left, Steve said, “Awesome, Finn just mugged Niamh.”

Monday, April 19, 2010

These Apples Didn’t Fall Far From the Tree

When I studied in Ecuador I took a Latin Dance Class. We learned Salsa, Merengue, and basic survival tools for the local night clubs. During one of the classes, the instructor announced: “If you are going to do it wrong, you might as well do it like Fiona and look like you are having fun.”

099 100 103 104 105 110 112 114 115

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Short and Sweet

Yesterday we were at Molly Moon’s and the super duper ice cream scooper chicadee had me entranced and quickly obsessed with her hair. When I get obsessed with something you better watch out. **About 8 months after Steve and I got married, I became obsessed with owning a house. In less than a week, we were home owners. That’s just one example.**

Miss Molly’s Scooper was very nice and only a little creeped out by me taking photos of her as she worked. I’ve already sent the shots on to my Hair Designer, Chloe. I have an appointment on Friday.

photo  photophoto

It will not be the first time I have had short short hair. I think I can do it, hair product has come a long way in the last decade.

Canada001            Maybe I’ll re-pierce my nose too.003                      If only my teeth were as white as my face….

So, opinions? I take all criticisms with out hurt feelings. In fact, if nobody comments, I’ll just blame you all for not stopping me from shaving my head. You don’t want that responsibility, do you?

Sunday, April 11, 2010


As I was searching the archives for a photo of Niamh’s first Easter, I came across these photos. I can’t find the one of Niamh I am looking for. Its driving me nuts because I know exactly what it looks like. She is 5 months old, sitting on the lawn wearing a little sailor dress, with a bunny ear headband on. The sun is shining right on her and she looks so dainty and adorable. I can even remember taking it because she couldn’t sit by herself for long or she would tip over. We had to sit her down, steady her, and quickly dash out of the frame.

Anywho, I found these photos, taken at Woodland Park Zoo the Fall of 2004. LOOK AT MY ROOTS! I swear I didn’t know until looking at these photos just now how horrible my hair looked. I really think I must not have seen line between strawberry blonde and mousey brown. And it is a very distinct line indeed.  I was living in Los Angeles. Why didn’t anyone tell me to book the next appt? Someone on the street even! Where were my friends? I did have friends. And some of them were pretty durn fancy ones with trainers and Atkins food delivered right to their door every day. I’m sure they must have pitied me and my carb-heavy home cooking and my overgrown color.

To my friends and family: You know that conversation we have had about if we are ever in a coma in the hospital for a long period of time? Remember all the things that we swear as friends we will do for one another: tweeze eye brows, apply tinted lip balm, pluck those weird chin hairs we are all so embarrassed about…I’m adding one more. Color roots every 4-5 weeks.

Niamh 10-12 months - 34

Niamh 10-12 months - 35

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Some More of What They Say

Finn: (Playing with his fire truck, making very real siren noises, comes to me in the kitchen and says…) “The fire truck has to go to a apartment and get the girl out ‘cause she’s hurted and then the nurse (shout out to Mommy!!) and doctor have to make her real again.”

Finn: “When Niamh’s a Mom I’m going to do what she tells me. But, first she has to lose her teeth.”

Finn: “Last night I had a really scary dream that there was a volcano with hot lava and you and me and Niamhy and Daddy had to rescue people. And then we were getting to them and then we just went skiing.”                                                                                         Me: “What happened to the people we were rescuing?”                 Finn: “Oh, I don’t know. We forgot them.”

Me: “Finn, today is Kaz Bleu’s Birthday!”                                               Finn: “How many is he?”                                                                                  Me: “He’s ONE today, it’s his first birthday.”                                            Finn: “You mean he just got maked?”

Niamh: “Mommy, if we ask Daddy if he likes your ice cream or Molly Moon’s ice cream better, what do you think he’ll say? I think he’ll say Molly Moon’s because that’s the kinda guy he is.”

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter (Late) Morning

The kids came up to our room pretty early, 6:30 am from what I remember. We congratulated them on their Bunny loot and told them to “go back to bed”. I kind of remember looking at the clock at 8:30 am. Then, I got a jab in the ribs from Steve as he said, “Oh my god, it’s almost 10:00.” I don’t know how much candy they ingested in those 3 1/2 hours unsupervised but I’d call it worth it for the extra sleep. Easter 002 Easter 001

Because they can’t read yet, Niamh and Finn didn’t know that the Bunny brought them drinking straws that you can connect together in creative and fascinating ways. They thought the Bunny brought them pipes….and they were pretty happy about the pipes…..they were even happier when the literate part of the family got their booties out of bed and read the package to them, revealing the intended use of the “pipes”.

Easter 003Easter 004Easter 010

After our super fancy brunch, the Two went down to the basement to let off a little extra steam. (Its kind of like going to church.) Niamh and Finn called it a “Pillow Fight”, but in reality they took all the pillows, stuffed animals, and toys without any obvious sharp edges and hucked them at one another.

Easter 012Easter 015 Easter 019

Then, Niamh buried Finn in a tomb of all those objects she had previously thrown at him.

Easter 021

He Is Risen!  Hee hee, just a little Easter humor.

A couple hours after Steve and I woke up, Niamh and Finn went down for a nap. They needed to renew their energy for the afternoon at Auntie Alex’s house with all their cousins.

Below are a couple photos from what awaited us at Alex’s. I know it isn’t Thanksgiving, but if there is anything I am thankful for during any season that requires large gatherings of family, it is Auntie Alex. Thanks to her, nobody will ever want me and Steve to host a family holiday event.

Easter 028 4492000811_f97891b9ea[1]

Finn’s Junior Prom

This will be Finn, on his way to his Junior Prom, with his big sister’s best friend, because he’ll be the sweet cute guy that all the girls want to be “friends” with because he’s too nice to date. A Mom can only hope he’s that kind of guy, right? Means I’ve raised him right, right? He may also be the guy who’s older date needs to drive him to prom because he drives like his dad and got a $900 ticket (yes, you read that right. yes, it really happened. yes, Steve is still bruised from where I kicked him, really hard.)


And this is the look on all their faces when they find out that Niamh was hiding in the trunk and spying on them, paid by her parents to make sure there was nothing “funny” going on.


Hey, Jaya, whatcha doing May 2023?