Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Some More of What They Say

Finn: (Playing with his fire truck, making very real siren noises, comes to me in the kitchen and says…) “The fire truck has to go to a apartment and get the girl out ‘cause she’s hurted and then the nurse (shout out to Mommy!!) and doctor have to make her real again.”

Finn: “When Niamh’s a Mom I’m going to do what she tells me. But, first she has to lose her teeth.”

Finn: “Last night I had a really scary dream that there was a volcano with hot lava and you and me and Niamhy and Daddy had to rescue people. And then we were getting to them and then we just went skiing.”                                                                                         Me: “What happened to the people we were rescuing?”                 Finn: “Oh, I don’t know. We forgot them.”

Me: “Finn, today is Kaz Bleu’s Birthday!”                                               Finn: “How many is he?”                                                                                  Me: “He’s ONE today, it’s his first birthday.”                                            Finn: “You mean he just got maked?”

Niamh: “Mommy, if we ask Daddy if he likes your ice cream or Molly Moon’s ice cream better, what do you think he’ll say? I think he’ll say Molly Moon’s because that’s the kinda guy he is.”


Meg said...

Just when I think I can't like your kiddos any more...

AL said...

I loved it at Easter when Finn said, "Can I have one of those candies?"
Me: "Which ones?"
Finn: "The ones I just ate"