Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter (Late) Morning

The kids came up to our room pretty early, 6:30 am from what I remember. We congratulated them on their Bunny loot and told them to “go back to bed”. I kind of remember looking at the clock at 8:30 am. Then, I got a jab in the ribs from Steve as he said, “Oh my god, it’s almost 10:00.” I don’t know how much candy they ingested in those 3 1/2 hours unsupervised but I’d call it worth it for the extra sleep. Easter 002 Easter 001

Because they can’t read yet, Niamh and Finn didn’t know that the Bunny brought them drinking straws that you can connect together in creative and fascinating ways. They thought the Bunny brought them pipes….and they were pretty happy about the pipes…..they were even happier when the literate part of the family got their booties out of bed and read the package to them, revealing the intended use of the “pipes”.

Easter 003Easter 004Easter 010

After our super fancy brunch, the Two went down to the basement to let off a little extra steam. (Its kind of like going to church.) Niamh and Finn called it a “Pillow Fight”, but in reality they took all the pillows, stuffed animals, and toys without any obvious sharp edges and hucked them at one another.

Easter 012Easter 015 Easter 019

Then, Niamh buried Finn in a tomb of all those objects she had previously thrown at him.

Easter 021

He Is Risen!  Hee hee, just a little Easter humor.

A couple hours after Steve and I woke up, Niamh and Finn went down for a nap. They needed to renew their energy for the afternoon at Auntie Alex’s house with all their cousins.

Below are a couple photos from what awaited us at Alex’s. I know it isn’t Thanksgiving, but if there is anything I am thankful for during any season that requires large gatherings of family, it is Auntie Alex. Thanks to her, nobody will ever want me and Steve to host a family holiday event.

Easter 028 4492000811_f97891b9ea[1]


Katie said...

You celebrate "easter" how I plan on celebrating "easter". Candy, fun, and pancake animals.
I really like those straws. Where'd you get them?

Loosy said...

Once again, I wish I was somehow apart of your family. Like this random 31 year old adopted daughter that comes with a kid and husband. We live in Seattle, I'm sure it would be embraced.

Aunty La La said...

Love the pancakes. Did you really add a target to Niamhy's head? Pretty fancy decor at Aunty Alex's. Looks like the perfect place for all family FUNctions!

We missed you all in Tahoe!

Meg said...

My jealousy cup runneth over...10am?!?!? Who cares if they ate you out of house and home...that is the best easter treat ever. And your 'he is risen' comment, about fell off my chair. I would also like to be adopted into your home. I'll take the downstairs bedroom over...before steve can turn it into an office:).