Sunday, April 11, 2010


As I was searching the archives for a photo of Niamh’s first Easter, I came across these photos. I can’t find the one of Niamh I am looking for. Its driving me nuts because I know exactly what it looks like. She is 5 months old, sitting on the lawn wearing a little sailor dress, with a bunny ear headband on. The sun is shining right on her and she looks so dainty and adorable. I can even remember taking it because she couldn’t sit by herself for long or she would tip over. We had to sit her down, steady her, and quickly dash out of the frame.

Anywho, I found these photos, taken at Woodland Park Zoo the Fall of 2004. LOOK AT MY ROOTS! I swear I didn’t know until looking at these photos just now how horrible my hair looked. I really think I must not have seen line between strawberry blonde and mousey brown. And it is a very distinct line indeed.  I was living in Los Angeles. Why didn’t anyone tell me to book the next appt? Someone on the street even! Where were my friends? I did have friends. And some of them were pretty durn fancy ones with trainers and Atkins food delivered right to their door every day. I’m sure they must have pitied me and my carb-heavy home cooking and my overgrown color.

To my friends and family: You know that conversation we have had about if we are ever in a coma in the hospital for a long period of time? Remember all the things that we swear as friends we will do for one another: tweeze eye brows, apply tinted lip balm, pluck those weird chin hairs we are all so embarrassed about…I’m adding one more. Color roots every 4-5 weeks.

Niamh 10-12 months - 34

Niamh 10-12 months - 35


Brooke said...

I think you look really pretty. And I like that you have a pact with your family and friends about your up keeping. I might need to copy that one.

Katie said...

I second what Brooke is saying, I think the roots don't look too bad, sort of "natural", shall we say... as though the rest of your hair is blond because of sunlight...
What I really love in these pics though is little Niamh, she looks SO cute!!

malia said...

The roots are there...but not so bad and lucky for you, with that cutie on your hip, no one was looking at you!