Thursday, August 30, 2012

Leprechaun Safari

We are in Ireland on vacation!

The President of Ireland, the kids just call him Grandpa, invited us on a 2 week trip and we graciously obliged! 
So far, we have met countless cousins, aunts, and uncles, driven from Dublin to Wicklow to Meath to Wicklow to Dublin to Coon to Thurles to Coon to Kilkenny and back to Coon again. 
The kids are loving their Irish counterparts and the animals in each of their back yards....some yards have a dog, others sheep, chickens, and ponies. 
We've seen rainbows and 4 leaf clovers, thousands years old stone ruins, and a castle. However, the leprechauns continue to escape us. Uncle Tom says that there are a hundred of them on his farm but we have to be up by 6am to catch them. None of us seem to think that's worth the effort.

We will be back in a week with a sing songy accent, smelling like the Irish Sea, and 7 lbs of Cadburys heavier.


Meg said...

I DIDN'T KNOW YOU POSTED ALLLLLLL THE WAY FROM IRISHLAND!!! Looks like a fabulous vacay...bring me home some Lucky Charms. Literally, the General Mills kind. See you very, very, very soon. IF you ever get off of Air Canada.

Katie said...

I read this post many times while you were gone. It was our communication.
What I just can't figure out is, who, is Dan Shaw? Or is it Danshaw?
Fill me in.