Monday, October 1, 2012

Its No Wonder I Get Nothing Done

This morning I was reading a blog post by a dad speculating the thoughts that go on in his toddler's head. The list is chaotic, full of contradictions, and no thought lasts more than 3 seconds.
Just now, as I was attempting to get one productive thing accomplished before leaving to volunteer in Niamh's 3rd grade Classroom, I realized how my thoughts and actions are much like those of that toddler. 

Here is what I can remember to recap my morning since the kids left for school, I showered and had my pot of coffee, and scraped the tape residue off the front window.

 1. Its such a nice day. I'll walk to the school. I should leave around 1:00
 2. I want to clean the office.
 3. There's the new Anthro Catalog.
 4. I have to pee. I'll bring the catalog.
 5. Look at the Anthro site at more views of the outfits I like in the catalog.
 6. Head to the office to clean.
 7. Vacuum Dog Area
 8. Head to the office to clean.
 9. Find shammy to clean computer screen.
10. Clean Computer screen.
11. Look at
12. Head to office to clean.
13. Think about sharpening all the colored pencils.
14. Clean out the old cabinet in the office with the intent to take it to the curb with a FREE sign.
15. Start to carry cabinet upstairs and out to the curb.
16. Eat an apple.
17. Start a grocery list.
18. Change my mind about walking because if I drive I can just go get groceries when I leave the school and be back in time to get the kids from the bus. 
19. Check online to see if Amazon Fresh can deliver today so that I can still walk in the nice weather to the school.
20. Get flip flops from back porch.
21. Smile at the dogs cuddling in the sun.
22. Think about bathing the dogs today because its nice and sunny.
23. Take the cabinet to the curb.
24. Notice the mint growing up through a shrub of Lamb's Ear and think about adding limes to my grocery list.
25. Decide that blogging this can be finished before I have to leave for the school. 

 I need less coffee and more focus.
Gotta run. Now I might be late for my volunteer hour.


Meg said...

You need adderall.

Maria said...

this is what I live with! You and andi both need to lay off the cofee. miss you gals!