Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Dear Dogs…

I found this among a bunch of papers in Niamh’s room the other day. It was like finding treasure.

I love finding her notes and cards.

I love that she is writing to our two dumb dogs.

I wonder if she really thinks they can read.

I wonder if she ever gave them the card and it just ended up back in her room.

Would she have given it to Fred or Gus? Gus would be the one I’d think could read if I was 7 years old.

Have I ever written about when I was Niamh’s age and thought that our dog, Gypsy, was my grandfather reincarnated? I had never even met my grandfather. Obviously, I wanted to know him in some capacity.

I wouldn’t get undressed in front of my dog when I thought he was my grandfather reincarnated.

Kids are weird.

This note wasn’t dated but it looks like it was written when the dogs were neutered and had to wear cones.

Scan 9

This was the envelope.

Scan 10

Dear Dogs, I know that you want to get your cone off but I can’t do anything about it. Love, Niamh

Scan 11

This was the surprise drawing behind the little yellow sticky note.

Adorable stuff.

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Meg said...

I love that she let them know matter of factly, that it wasn't her fault. And I love that she spelled 'opin'. So cute. No wonder these are such little treasures.
Can you undress in front of the dogs now?