Wednesday, July 6, 2011

9 Years Ago, Right About This Time

If you get through the first 30 photos or so, you'll see that Steve did actually show up for the big event.

Happy Anniversary, Snookums.


Brooke said...

You were a modern day princess di,aka Kate Middleton. What a timeless wedding. Absolutely gorgeous. Happy anniversay! I'm so happy I know the westovers.

Katie said...

Thanks for finally sharing your wedding photo's. I guess that means you're keeping Steve. Right?
Just kidding.
Gorgeous dress, you two look great. Loved the song too!

Alanna said...

Nice job on the montage! Made me tear up to see Aunt Nessa's pictures. Hope you guys got to celebrate before the big weekend trip to Oregon!

AL said...

Great video!! Can I get a copy of the one with Coop sitting with the groomsmen in the chair about to fall asleep?

Meg said...

Watched this 3 times now. You are simply stunning my dear. Breathtaking actually! And Steve is so young. I am so sad I didn't know you then. I would have surely strong armed an invite. Cheers to you and your darling hubby, and even more darling little family.