Sunday, October 16, 2011

Pumpkins 2011, Possibly the Last of the Patch

Check the patch off the list of things I have to do as a Mom. If you know me, you know I detest crowds, fairs, parades, water parks, theme parks, zoos, petting zoos, pumpkin farms, and pretty much anything else that screams community and fun. I don’t know what happened in my youth. I simply can’t explain it. I’m happy with a couch and a television near a well stocked refrigerator. You can keep your kettle corn, hay rides, roller coasters, fried butter and the lines that come with them. BUT, I go to pumpkin farms because I love my kids. AND, I do my darndest to get outta there as soon as the gourds have been chosen and a few memories have been documented.

I’m happy to announce that Finn has put an end to the annual trip to the country to get pumpkins, and not a moment too soon because apparently Niamh is now 17 and posing for her senior photos on a tractor wheel.

Today, one day after our trip to the vast fields of Redmond, we were at QFC for groceries. Upon leaving the parking lot, Finn said, Hey, Mama, I see pumpkins over there (right next to the orange and apple carts). Why did we drive to the country when they have pumpkins right here?

I don’t remember what I said about why we leave the comforts of home to get pumpkins so far away in mud when we could just toss a few in the grocery cart next to the mini bagels. Whatever I said, it seemed silly to Finn. So, I asked him if next Halloween we could just get our pumpkins from the grocery store. He said, Yeah, the pumpkin patch has dirty pumpkins that are flat and sideways. The ones here are way more better.

Finn, I love you.

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Val said...

That is too funny! I love your blog, I always enjoy reading your posts! XOXO ~Val, Megan's sister in law:)