Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Belief and Fear

Elfa is our Scout Elf sent to us from Santa.

He arrives in early December and reports to Santa all the good and less than good behavior he observes from Niamh and Finn.

 Though he is supposed to leave on Christmas Eve, and not return until the next December, Elfa has been known to show up during times of unusual behavior unbecoming of any child hoping to receive a Christmas gift ever again in their entire long life with me and Steve as their parents. (Can I get an Amen.)

Recently, Finn was in a bit of a bad mood. All he wanted to do was watch television and be a grumpy 6 year old.  When he wouldn't eat dinner, I told him to go downstairs and take a shower before I threw him in bed. A meltdown followed that lasted way too long.
Finally, from the downstairs bathroom, he started crying that he needed me to go downstairs with him because he didn't want to be alone. He explained that whenever he's bad, Elfa shows up. Elfa can just poof himself here and Elfa might poof himself to the bathroom when I'm showering and I don't want to be alone. It really scares me!

Friends, Kids, the lesson to be learned here is that even Santa has a dark side. Watch yourselves.


Meg said...

Tell Finn when he gets scared to just show elfa his address. He should be left alone for awhile.
God you're a great parent! I need to be taking lessons.

fiona westover said...

Do you mean phone number? We live in a fairly nice neighborhood, nestled between the Taco Truck, Dick's, the Gas Station, and the Liquor Store.

Loosy said...

Do you put on workshops? Or webInars? If not, you should consider it. I'd pay.

Alanna said...

Ah, poor Finn! Though his cousin would use that excuse as a stall tactic...