Thursday, January 21, 2010

Have You Seen the Sun?!!!!!!

The last few days around here have been SO GORGEOUS!!!! I had been complaining that we didn’t get any snow in the city this year. But now, fuhgeddaboudit, I don’t want to see snow in my yard until next winter….though it does actually make my dirt yard look quite lovely.
The sun came just in time for Finn to try out his birthday bike. Took him about 2 1/2 minutes to figure it out, find his balance, and just go for it down our hill. What a blast.
This kid, I tell ya….a total nut ball.
We are taking care of Lola, the 3 legged dog, while her incredible Mama is in Haiti providing medical care. We needed a little bit of canine companionship back at the ranch.
Oh, side note, the former Hollywood Video down the road is being reincarnated as a state liquor store. I guess I’ll be seeing a bit more of some friends in the near future. I guess my love of rum is going to become a bit of a problem with temptation so close to home. How cool is it that I can really run to the liquor store while my kids are napping! I am totally going to relate with so many of the families that I……nope, not going to complete that thought.
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Niamh could only join us for a quickie bike ride because she was stuck in school all day. School shmool drool.
024We also went to the park with who other than Jaya. Duh.
025Look, Mom, no winter coat!
Niamh climbed a tree higher than she had ever climbed before.
But, she got stuck, and couldn’t get down.
Because I wasn’t wearing my cute new boots and skinny jeans, I decided that calling Seattle Fire Dept was pointless, so I rescued her myself. I love that Mel took the photo!


K. said...

bwhahaha. this last picture is hilarious. poor niamh. such a girl. and i love finny on his bike.

Brooke said...

I now know you're street. BE AFRAID.

fiona westover said...

Brooke, nobody has ever stalked me. I'm sure you just can't believe that. I think I'd be flattered if all of a sudden you started taking Cannon on little walks right in front of my house!

Katie, Niamh is definitely a girl stuck in a tree most of her waking hours. Pathetic.