Thursday, May 19, 2011


Somehow, another year has passed, and I have managed to continue to fool them in to believing I am the best mom in the world.

I worked on Mother’s Day, as a good mom providing for her family would do. When I came home after work, there were cards, flowers, a camera lens, and a performance by the kids waiting for me.

There was no dinner waiting for me, but it was Mother’s Day, not Wife’s Day, and the kids still aren’t allowed to cook anything beyond toaster waffles.

Flowers plucked from our neighbors yards.

Thanks, Reshma and Erin. I’m sure you understand, as it isn’t the first time this has happened.


Making the cards


From Niamh


Mom you are like the sun and the waves and you always help me when I am hurt. I love you mom. I really do. Love Niamh

Scan 1

Mom you (are) soft as a sheep. You hold me tight. I love you Mom.

Scan 2

Scan 2Scan 3Scan 1

“Things that I do with my mom”:Left to right, top to bottom. Shopping (That’s me with the purse, not Steve. She obviously still has gender issues with my short hair), Getting pedicures (note the remote control massage chairs), Eating dinner, cooking, at the park, groveling at my feet (I think).


From Finn

Scan 4

Finn. Love you. Thank you for taking me on the greatest trips. You are the best mom in the whole wide world. (he must have thought he was going to Hawaii with me)


The Performance



I have no idea what the specific movements in the performance meant, but they did it all for me and they did it flawlessly.

Happy Mother’s Day to me, a soft sheep, from my foolish little lambs.

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Meg said...

I love your kids. And I love your little post work slippers too. What a group to come home to. No wonder you're always so happy.