Monday, May 23, 2011

You know, Skipping burns more calories than running.-Phil Dunphy

When we were in Maui, Meg noted that Steve is a lot like Phil Dunphy from Modern Family. I died laughing because she is so right.

Phil’s bio from the abc website reads : Phil Dunphy is the cool dad. That's his thang. At least, that's what he'd like us to believe. And you know what? We kinda do! Oh, sure, Phil has those "roll your eyes" moments that have us asking, "Is the guy for real?" You bet he is. As goofy as he may seem, Phil always has his heart in the right place. He dotes on his wife Claire and he constantly tries to bond with his three kids. Phil acts like a parent and talks like a peer. He calls it "peerenting."

If you know Steve, you are nodding your head right now in agreement.

What the bio doesn’t say, is that Phil’s (Steve’s) attempts to be such a cool dad often backfire on him.

This video is a pretty good example. In the video, Steve is playing “Kick The Can” with the kids. He’s fun. He’s energetic. He’s goofy. He’s bonding with his kids. He’s Phil Dunphy.


See what I mean!


Meg said...

I think I just woke my kids up I am laughing so hard. You gotta send that to Ellen. I am literally crying right now I am laughing so hard. That. was. genius. You can't script that Phil. The heavens just aligned for you. They always do.

Meg said...

Just watched it three more times. Oh boy...there go my plans for the afternoon.

AL said...

Meg's right, you have to send it to Ellen! Most of all I love that Finn hid behind the ladder in plain sight.

Meg said...

I am still watching it.

kate said...

blog stalker...this is HILARIOUS!!!

Meg said...

...and I am still watching. And I am still laughing.