Saturday, August 6, 2011

Mr. Curiosity and Little Miss Know It All


Finn: Momma, I got a question. Will there be a new world right away after this one gets fired up? **fired up= explodes in a fiery ball destroying everyone and everything.**

Me: Uh, I dunno, I’ll google it.

Niamh: Yeah, and then this world will be famous and there will be an Underground Tour for it.  But, it will be an Under-Underground Tour because it will be under the last time Seattle got fired up.

Finn: Is the Sun bigger than the Earth?

Me: Uh, I dunno, I’ll google it.

Niamh: Yes, it is.

Finn: Momma, have you ever seen a dinosaur in real life?

Me: Uh, I dunno. Niamh? Care to answer?

Niamh: Yes, birds are dinosaurs. I read it in a book and a teacher at school told me that and the person at the zoo said that some birds are dinosaurs.

Then I turned the volume on the radio up.


Meg said...

I could lend you Hadley's Justin Beiber CD. That will make you want to drive off a cliff...and then, the questions will stop.
P.S. I love this post, perhaps one of my favs.
P.P.S. I know where Niamh gets it..."Meg that is not Mt. Rainier, it's Mt. Baker."

Jeni said...

This is so funny. I love reading your blog.
By the way what leapster things do your kids have? Nina has been begging for some sort of game player for so long and I've been looking a the leapsters but don't really know which one to get, if any. Any advice?

fiona westover said...

Jeni? as is Mrs. Pizzuto? Hi, there! Everyone, go to Pizzutos Italian Restaurant in Seward Park. Its really good and owned by one of Steve's oldest friends.
I hope that is the right Jeni.
So, Jeni, Niamh and Finn have only the stuff that comes with Leapster, and then the camera attachment, which is super cool. They are really easily entertained. i totally recommend the Leapster Explorer. I haven't researched other similar thingamawhatchamacallits but this one seems to work for us. Hope that helps!

fiona westover said...

Meg, I'm sorry. I feel like a Jerk. I don't know anything. Don't tell Harris or Rob. Howie already knows. Don't blow my cover with the rest of them. The key is to just look like you know what the hell you're saying. Throw out things like MR, TR, PVR, SVR, DI, SIADH, VISA, MC, AmEx, Mt. Baker, Tungurahua, Machu Picchu. If it weren't for Ira, I'd have fooled you too.

Jeni said...

Thanks for the info Fiona. Yes, this is Jeni Pizzuto. :-)