Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Weathermen Lie

It was supposed to be 67 degrees and rainy today. Lucky for us, it wasn’t. Lucky for us, we had a date planned with Drew. Lucky for us, Steve put the kids laundry away yesterday while I was at work. Lucky for us, I was able to leave the rest of the mess behind with minimal guilt and take the kids to Greenlake.

Niamh and Drew found a Ladybug in the wading pool. Their version of the story is a heroic one. They say they saved the Ladybug from drowning and did bystander CPR. The bug hung around on their fingers for a good 15 minutes before regaining her senses and flying off to a nearby tree.

In those 15 minutes, the three shared a lot. They named the gal Fingertip, because, duh, she played on their fingertips. Niamh and Drew made Fingertip a bed of leaves in a frisbee, pet her, and planned to take her home to live in a jar.

When Fingertip finally flew away, they were genuinely sad. I said to them, I’m sorry she’s gone. Fingertip was a good friend. Drew looked at me very seriously and said, She was a GREAT friend.







Then, moved by their involvement saving the life of another creature, Niamh and Drew decided that they would start a club. The mission of the club is to preserve nature. They are Head Masters, Jaya is Vice-Head Master, Finn is Treasurer, and I’m Secretary (because I’m the best speller). Currently, the club’s guidelines are still being drafted but they have already ruled out saving anything that stings or scratches, like bees and raccoons.

As Secretary, I’m supposed to ask for volunteers and donations. Finn says he needs some money to count and my wallet was empty.

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AL said...

I think Niamh got 50% of your DNA and 50% of mine instead of my brothers. I sooooo had a club to save animals (and a crime fighting club...on Mercer Island of all places). I would kill for a ladybug blanket and have a ladybug on it at the same time! Dang, I got stuck with boys who are so much more like my brother than me!!