Friday, September 16, 2011


On Monday, Finn emerged from his classroom with his lunchbox in his hands and his back pack on his back. Usually, if he is carrying his lunch box, his bag his empty. Monday, he sensed there was something in his bag.
He said, Mama, there is something in my bag and I think its homework!!!! This was said with enthusiasm, not despair. He’s in Kindergarten, not 10th grade.
Today, Thursday, as I was getting dinner ready, I said to Niamh about 47 times Hey, Sweetie, can you please put your homework in your folder and get it all set for school tomorrow?
The 48th time I said it she responded, How about you do it and I sit in the lounge chair? 
What do you mean?, I asked unassumingly.
How about you go to school and do my homework and I’ll sit in your lounge chair in the back yard?, she responded.
Ummmmm, I can only assume that my dear 7 year old daughter thinks that when she goes to school each day, I come home and sit in the REI lounge chair for 6 hours until it is time for me to go retrieve her and her dear brother from their grueling day in Elementary School, and she would rather switch places with me.
I don’t know how to respond to this kind of accusation/total misconception of what life is like as an adult with children and a full-time profession. However, if she thinks my life is admirable and enviable, well then, she better plan on a lot of studying for her degree. It has only just begun.

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Meg said...

So you make her do her homework, walk up to the 4th floor, and chew her own chips. Have you no mercy? I don't think she's even going to make it to adulthood after suffering all this exhaustion. Hell, I think making it through second grade is looking bad. Poor Niamh. Send her to school with your lounge chair.