Thursday, September 8, 2011

Let Freedom Reign

I own two kids and as of yesterday, they are both full time students.
This is how the day went…
We took some odd photos of the kids on the dead, weed filled lawn.

We walked to school with packs full of school supplies. These days, school supplies are more kleenex, lysol wipes, and paper towels and less pencil cases, binders, and white out.
Along the way, Niamh and I discussed the logistics of her having class on the 4th floor of the building. I gave her encouragement and told her I was pretty sure she could handle the 4 flights of stairs. She offered the idea of riding in the elevator. I explained that the elevator was only for students who had difficulty walking up and down stairs. She claimed that it IS difficult for her to walk up stairs, the down part is ok. I told her she was ridiculous.

 At the school we took some obligatory pics in front of The Gateway to Learning.

I love the photo above. Niamh is sticking a feather in Finn’s ear and Finn in elbowing Niamh.
Then, we found Jaya! Yay! We love Jaya!…and we ditched Niamh with her pals and brought Finn up to the Kindergarten playground.

At the Kindergartener holding area, Finn did his best to look scholarly.

The scholarly look lasted about 3 seconds when Daddy, voted Class Clown 10 years in a row in grades k-8 (you do the math), showed Finn the tried and true way to make all parents pass you up as first draft pick for a play date with their kid.

Then, I couldn’t stop snapping pics of Finn. He was pretty excited to be starting school. He was really excited to get to see Niamh at lunch. But, I think there was just a twinge of nerves creeping in too.

 After Finn walked in the classroom, Steve and I joined the line of parents peering in the windows trying to see who’s kid it was we could all hear wailing. It wasn’t ours so we felt OK laughing about it.

Then, Steve and I walked home. Alone. Without Finn. Without Niamh. For the first time. Ever.
Then, Steve went to work. I had the day off. Alone. Without Finn. Without Niamh. Not for the first time ever, but this felt different.
I went shopping. For several hours. Alone. Without Finn. Without Niamh.
Then, 3:00 approached, and I sent Megan this message. 

But, I did go.
Seeing Finn emerge happy from Senorita Ana’s classroom is what finally made me sad. I was kind of hoping he would run to me and squeeze me tight like he missed me so much and he never wanted to go back to school because there is no place like home, with Mommy.
That didn’t happen.

Next, we went in search of Niamh.
Somewhere between the Kindergarten playground and the front office of the school, Finn’s mood changed. He need to eat. Pronto. I hadn’t brought him a snack. That was a big mistake.
Finn planted himself on the curb, right next to the Principal’s parking spot, and refused to leave.

I took advantage of the extra time and grabbed a few snaps of Niamh, one of her (and my) most favorite people, Drew, and Drew’s little sister.

I don’t know the little boy in the photo below, but he was really proud of the cone full of candy that he got from his parents for his first day of school and asked if he could be in the photo with his cone.

Eventually, we got Finn home, gave him and Niamh a popcicle, and the two debriefed in the back yard. I’m sure Niamh brought up how much harder her day was because of the 4 flights of stairs she had to overcome.

With any luck, this full time student gig should last another 17 years or so. It sure was nice to miss them.


malia said...

ooooh, i can't wait! only 3 years, 363 day, 12 hours and 15 minutes until i get to experience this bliss. looking forward to it already!

AL said...

Hmm, is that a beer behind you in the iPhone photo :)? So glad they had a good first day!

Brooke said...

Oh how i love your blog posts. LOVE. Congrats Niamh and Finn on a successful first day!

Meg said...

From top to bottom...
Love the kneeling Niamh photo, reminds me of every dance photo of my and H.S. boyfriend...he was shorter than me, my poses looked something similar.
Love Steve's chivalry. Carrying the kids bags. What a guy.
I will get Niamh of little disability pass, that should get her admittance on the elevator. Tell her not to touch any buttons on the kids LTV next to her.
Steve being class clown...shocking. Steve being class clown 10 out of 8 years...brilliant. I'm sure his teachers felt like it had been 10 years.
The crying kindergartener...classic. They were probs just jealous of Finn's cute shirt. Or maybe they wanted to ride the elevator.
Your text to me. Well, I think someone edited a bit. Just so you know...that I know.
And trust me, I can guarantee Finn wanted to run and jump in your arms, but he didn't want to be locked down to playdates with the crier (remember he's going for class clown, not class weenie).
Start to finish, a marvelous day. I am smittin with your scholars and hate you for your free days...for the next 180 days.