Thursday, February 2, 2012

2.5 Years Of Spanish Immersion

People ask me all the time how Niamh is doing in her Spanish Immersion Program. I always say she is doing well, she seems to understand the subjects that are taught in Spanish, and she is getting a little more confident speaking Spanish.

I take it all back. She's clueless.

She came to me today and said, Hey, look. I found this book on my bookshelf. It has one page in English and then the other page is in, like, Dutch or something.


 ¡Ay, Caramba! That's all I have to say.


Meg said...

Le echan la culpa a la madre. Siempre le echan la culpa a la madre. Baje su REI presidencia, outta de su pijama's, y enseñar esta pobre chica algo. Ella necesita una tía Megan. Yo conozco Dos Equis.

Meg said...

And for the love...GO TO BED. It was almost one AM when you posted this. No wonder you can't meet us at the zoo at 9:30am.

fiona westover said...

Trust me, Meg, it wasn't my bedtime that stopped me from going to the zoo at 9:30am, on a Thursday, when both my kids were in school.

Who's your translator? No creo que tu escribiste toda tu respuesta sin ayuda de alguien.

Katie said...

Hater. The zoo was fabulous. All those caged animals, smelling like feces. What more could you want?