Tuesday, January 31, 2012

She's No Hope Solo

Me: Niamh, I got an email from Coach Joe. He wants to know if you are going to play soccer this Spring.
Niamh: I don't know. Part of me says I should play and part of me says I shouldn't.
Me: Well, when your parts decide, let me know so I can let Coach Joe know if you are playing.

Me: Niamh, did you think about your decision to play soccer?
Niamh: Yes, I did. I decided I am not going to play.
Me: OK, I respect your decision and will tell Coach Joe.
Niamh: Well, unless there is going to be a Pizza Party.
Me: There will probably be a Pizza Party at the end of the season.
Niamh: OK, then I'll play.
Me: Your dedication to the team is impressive.
Niamh: You're welcome.
Me: Yeah, that's what I'll tell Coach Joe...he's welcome to have someone who's playing for all the right reasons.

If only looking pretty were a sport...

Niamh's favorite playing position, on the sidelines sitting in my chair, hoping the coaches won't see her and send her on to the field.

Niamh least favorite playing position, on the field, running after the ball, hoping that pure luck will create contact between the ball and her foot.

U8 Team Incredibles, Fall 2011


AL said...

Nice earrings to coordinate with the soccer uniform :)

Meg said...

Hope Solo posed nude. Glad she's no Hope Solo. And trust me, she will thank you too. Have you seen the shoulders on that broad? I love what a weenie Niamh is. Maybe her muscles are 'sleeping' like her moms.

Katie said...

I'd like to point out that Niamh caught the most air in this last photo.... Maybe she should be shooting hoops?