Monday, January 9, 2012

Two Great January Birthdays

Finn's birthday is in a couple of weeks. He was having his afternoon snack today and he said to me, Mama, do you know someone special who is having a birthday soon?

Me: I sure do know someone special who is having his birthday soon!

Finn: Yeah, his name is Martin.

Me: Huh? Who?

Finn: Martin. He was a really good man who did a lot of really good things for people and his birthday is next week.

Me: Oh, Martin Luther King. Yes, he was a really good man. Did you know you were supposed to be born on Martin's same birthday but you slept in another 5 days?

Niamh: Yeah, I knew that. That's why when Finn was in your tummy I thought you were going to name him Martin Luther King.

Me: Yep, but we thought that might be a little weird.

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Meg said...

I don't know. I think Marty Westover has a great ring to it. And if you put him in tap...well, the boy will in first place.