Friday, April 20, 2012

Santa's Little Snitch

Seems Santa isn't the only one keeping score.
Niamh has been keeping her own list of who is Naughty (Noty), Nice, and Annoying!

I agree that Annoying deserves its own special tally. While my kids aren't often Naughty, I do frequently think they are Annoying.

I've got to hand it to her, Niamh is scoring herself pretty honestly.
As for Finn, he's lucky that his sister doesn't report directly to Mr. Claus.


Katie said...

Geez- In general Finny isn't scoring so well.... Mommy- you are doing ok... Daddy- sort of low scores all around.... Where am I ?

Don't answer.

AL said...

I would like a debrief on what Daddy did that got him the naughty mark. Poor Finn, he can be naughty and annoying here anytime.

Meg said...

It was keeping track of the annoyances in my household I would need another white board. Actually, if you're headed out to Staples would you grab 3? Thanks:). I would love to know what you did to be 'noty' Miss. Conservative.

Meg said...

Nevermind. You weren't 'noty', then your title is still in good standing.