Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Ever see or hear something that makes you smile while at the same time you have tears running down your cheeks?
This should do it.

I get to work with some amazing people...staff and patients.
Thank you, Chris Rumble, for making this video. We all need a little perspective to slap us across the face every now and then.


AL said...

This went totally viral. It was funded by the guild association Teen Cancer Fund. So great to see a tangible empowering result from fundraising.

fiona westover said...

More should go towards these types of projects. The kids look like they had a blast making the video and so many, SO MANY, were affected by the result. Well Done.

Alanna said...

I saw that on YouTube and Facebook during the week. Kept looking to see if we get a peak of aunty in there. Awesome job! The "I Am..." series was great to watch too.

Meg said...

I am so angry I am not in this video. Have they not seen my running man?