Monday, May 14, 2012

My 8th Mother's Day

This Mother's Day, it became clear to me what is most important about the day.

Mother's Day is not about an elaborate breakfast in bed.
Mother's Day is not about spending the day pampered at a salon.
Mother's Day is not about being showered with gifts like a new pair of boyfriend jeans or a cute pair of  summer wedges.
Mother's Day is not about taking the day off from home improvement projects like scraping, sanding, and priming the back porch. 
Mother's Day is not about spending 10 days in the Dominican Republic alone, recuperating from the last 8 years of Motherhood.

Steve is really lucky that I know that Mother's Day is not about any of that stuff and that I don't base Father's Day on how Mother's Day was spent.

Mother's Day IS about knowing that your kids adore you. They cherish you. They have a checklist of what your breakfast in bed should include so that they don't forget one of the three items. They want to play their hardest at their soccer games for you. They want to make you the best beaded necklace and woven belt you have ever worn. They want you to know that you paint porches really well. And they create cards, soap dishes, and melted chocolate in cupcake liners with gusto for the mom they love.

I just noticed that "secret" was crossed off the list. I'll have to ask Finn about that.

I'll let you all know when stock in The Niamh Company goes public.

Niamh told me I looked like a fashion model. Steve told me that when he was a kid, living on a sheep farm, his mom used to do needlepoint that looked like the design on my shirt

I've never known a better way to say "I love and appreciate everything you do for us" than dinner at Behinana.
Happy Day to Me.
Thanks, Guys. I love you too.


danielle said...

secret is out ... i love love love your blog. :-)

Meg said...

Perhaps the secret is that Finn knows he's got it made in the 'mom department. You are gorgeous, even in needlepoint. Happy Mom's Day to one of my all time favorites.