Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A Cabin in the Woods

65 minutes door to door
boots and rain wear stocked for everyone
bunk beds, air hockey, and cable television
walks on a muddy trail
dogs swimming in a lake
dogs running unattended in the woods
dogs jumping in a strangers car
kids riding bikes
kids balancing on logs
kids wading in a lake
kids playing catch
kids begging for popsicles
a perfectly content infant
a perfectly mischievous toddler
a visit from Zaide
a famous Zaide treasure hunt
beer for brunch, beer for lunch, beer for happy hour, beer for dinner, beer for night caps
sister wives 

We left a trail of empties between there and here, we will find our way back.


Meg said...

I just recovered. You free this weekend? Just follow the Redhook brick road...see ya in 65 minutes.
We were there three nights right? Somehow night #2 escaped me. Any ideas? Damn Bethanny Frankel.
Oh vey.

Katie said...

No worries, I'm the only one who will clearly remember Night #2...
And it stays right with me... until I can drink again....