Monday, July 2, 2012

Kindergarten. He Rocked It.

Some parents feel their kid starts Kindergarten still their baby and ends that first year of school a different child, more independent, more secure away from Mom and Dad. 
Not me. Not Finn.
Finn was always at ease going to school. From Day 1 he was excited to learn, make friends, and eat lunch with the big kids. I felt zero guilt sending my baby off on that bus each morning so I could go home, sit in my jammies, and pretend I had nothing on my To Do List each day. And every afternoon, just after I quickly stripped off my PJs and dawned yoga pants, I ran to meet him at the bus to give him a big hug and kiss because I missed having him home with me as my little errand buddy. I don't think he ever missed me while he was at school though. And honestly, it feels good to know your kid is so confident and comfortable that at ages 5 and 6, he doesn't need his mom next to him to get through his day.



Part of the graduation ceremony included each child standing and stating in Spanish what they wanted to be when they grow up. Finn stood and said Cuando Yo sea grande, quiero ser un Inventor de Legos.  (When I grow up I want to be a Legos Inventor)

Finn and his BF, Wyatt


Proud of you, Buddy. Very Proud.

(Oops, almost forgot to mention that K Graduation coincided with Backwards/Mismatch Day at school. Though Finn typically wears his shirts backwards, his shoes most often match!)


AL said...

Way to go Finn!

Meg said...

This is why your kids are so great...because you are so great. I just like the way you are. You make this parenting crap seem so easy peasy. And I couldn't agree with you more about setting our little birds free. Bravo on giving him the confidence to not be a Mama's Boy. Finn, you make us all proud. And Fi, you're the icing on the cake.