Friday, August 28, 2009

Bruises and Scrapes

Would it be over the top to make them wear knee pads and shin guards whenever they leave the safety of the couch? We have the shin guards. They are hardly used due to their short soccer careers. As soon as their knees heal, they take another digger and get fresh road rash. I wish I could say that they earned their scars doing daring stunts that would amaze an audience of other 3 and 5 year olds, but that would be a plain old lie. The pictured cuts were earned from Finn pushing his Tonka Dump Truck up the road, something he has done countless times in the past.

And Niamh earned her wounds at the International Fountain at Seattle Center. She was running from the spray and slipped on the slope (though it is a dangerously steep grade). The whole drive home, as she whimpered in the back seat from the burn of her new wound, she blamed the designers of the fountain for making it so dangerous. Right on, Niamh, we'll sue!

Who are we going to blame for the time you turned the corner too fast and hit the edge of the door jamb? Who are we going to blame for the countless times both of you have had your fingers snapped by the tape measure which you insist on playing with, even after being cautioned about that very danger when you push the retract button? Who are we going to blame for all the times you trip over the dog who is always lying on the floor right where anyone wants to step? Hmmm?

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