Thursday, August 13, 2009

They Are Too Young For This Smut

Niamh recently learned how to work the remote control for the television. She is no longer satisfied with channel 9 cartoons. Her tastes have broadened to The Golden Girls, Mexican Telenovelas, and just about anything on The Discovery Channel. This morning, I went to the basement and found both Niamh and Finn glued to the television watching this Babe in her short shorts working up a sweat. I was horrified! I think I am going to have to install a parental lock on some channels.


bugbeefamily said...

That is freaking hilarious! I couldn't stop laughing. Good stuff Fiona!

AL said...

This lady used to come on after Barney and C & P would watch her. They were just talking about her the other day like she is an old friend. I am sure she's dead by now.

Julie said...

Holy Shazzaam! Where did those leg warmers come from? I gotta have a pair. That's some work out she's doing. She might just break a sweat after about 3 hours of it.
I thought for sure when you panned to Niahm she would be copying the exercises, but, no, there she sits with her woobie. Love that kid!