Friday, August 21, 2009

Rubber Duckie Racing

Steve and the kids are in Montana. Because of my ridiculous all weekend work schedule, I was unable to go. I can't say I am sorry to have missed the 9 hour drive over there with Steve using cruise control the whole way, seeing how long he can go weaving in and out of cars at 70 80 mph without having to tap the brakes. However, I really do miss them. I am a little shocked at how fast I missed them. I hear tomorrow they are going horseback riding. The kids have never been so I am bummed to miss that experience. I am also kind of sad to miss out on the goofy games they make up to keep entertained in Victor, Montana, a town of very little to do (OK, there is lots of hiking and fishing, but little for ME to do). Steve sent me this video of them racing rubber ducks in the irrigation ditch. Kind of makes you want to visit Victor, Montana, doesn't it?

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Meg said...

No wonder so many girls get pregnant and kids do many duck races can you really participate in?