Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Dear Jaya

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We knew it would eventually happen. Niamh's bestie, Jaya, had a fever and couldn't go to school today. Niamh was worried, but I think I was worried-er. Niamh won't hang out with anyone but Jaya. The cute little girls in her class invite her to play tag in the morning before the bell rings, but Niamh sits alone on the bench and says, "I'm waiting for Jaya."
I wasn't sure Niamh could handle school without her other half. Niamh said it would be ok because she would hang out with Riley and Hara. OK, we had a plan, we were good. We got to school, I personally asked Riley and Hara to please watch out for Niamh today because her buddy was sick, and Niamh started looking a bit nervous, like it was hitting her all of a sudden that she had never done anything at school without Jaya. Can I tell you that even their art work is hung on the wall side-by-side, like the teachers know that is the way they would want it to be displayed.
After school, I asked Niamh how her day went. I purposely did not ask how it went "without Jaya" because I wanted to hear her real answer. She said she had a "bad day" and she "made a lot of mistakes because Jaya wasn't there." Oy gevalt!
I told her even worse news later on...Jaya STILL has a fever and will not be at school tomorrow either!
So, Niamh wrote her this letter. It is so sweet, so from the heart, and actually spelled by Niamh. Two months ago, if you asked Niamh to come up with a word that started with the letter "f", she would say "boat". Now, she is kind of spelling! I LOVE JOHN STANFORD ELEMENTARY!
Anyhow, I'm sure this is not the easiest letter to read, so I have decoded it for you by putting slash marks in between words.

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(the squigglies on each letter are the best)
It reads: Jaya, I went to school. I had a bad day. I wish you were there. Jaya, I was lonely. I hope you feel better. Love, Niamh


alannams said...

Poor Niamh! I'm glad she made it through though. What a sweet note. Big hugs from aunty lala.

Meg said...

I could send Hads to school with her...would that be the same? Of course she made mistakes at school, she lost her right arm mom! Love her heartfelt sympathy letter, and her squiggles!!! I'm thinking she has nothing in common with the other kids because she it too coo.

K. said...

SO sweet. and slightly sad, she was lonely.... poor little niamh.... I hope she makes some new friends....

Julie said...

She may be lonely, but the kid has style.
Look at those swirlies! I love it. Wonder if there is enough room on our flowsheets at work for me to copy her.