Monday, November 23, 2009

Stranger Danger

There we sat in traffic on I-5. I can't remember who started the conversation, but a kid in the back seat started talking about a show they were watching about kids without parents. My first thought was that it was some after school special on Lifetime. Then, I realized they were talking about Save The Children. (Flashback to college where I entered the house just as my housemate, Dith, said to the person on the other end of the phone line, while crying, "Yes, I'd like to make a donation." I love Meredith, old softie.)
The chatter between Niamh and Finn about these kids was so innocent and funny. They both remembered a scene where some little boy was in the dirt playing with a rock. They thought that was very sad because he didn't have any other toys with him. I should add that we have a rock in our basement play room that the kids have kept track of for over a year. I have tried to toss it in the trash a number of times but they keep finding it and getting mad at me for "accidentally" throwing it away.
They both wanted to know what could have happened to the parents. Finn thought that maybe they died. Niamh responded that their parents can't die because they are just kids. Real touching stuff.
This is where we took the conversation in a different direction. Finn suggested that maybe the kids walked away from their parents at the store and they got lost from them. CUE MOM and an opportunity to teach a lesson.
We had a good talk about strangers and always staying where I can see them, never going anywhere with anyone they don't know. Then, I quizzed them.
"Niamh, what if someone said to you, 'Hey, Little Girl, I have a kitten in my car. Want to see it?' What would you do, Niamh?"
Her response: "PUNCH THEM IN THE FACE!", OK! I guess she has heard this talk in the past from Mr. T.
"Finn, what if someone said to you, 'Hey, Little Boy, I have a really cool truck over in the back of my van. Come see it.' What would you do, Finn?"
There was a long silent pause. Then, quieltly, "I don't know, Mama." You can understand his dilemma.
So, I have a little more work to do with Finn, but, watch out for Niamh, she's scrappy.


Brooke said...

Love this story and your kiddos candid remarks. Strangers still scare me.

Meg said...

Geeze, glad Niamh didn't punch Hads in the face when you forced her to play with her. The scrappier the better! And trust me, Hadley would go to any stranger in two seconds if they had candy...of any shape or form. Maybe her and Finn will be on the same milk carton.