Saturday, February 6, 2010

Party Like You’re 4 Years Old

Finn's Birthday Party 002

Finn's Birthday Party 036FINALLY, we celebrated Finn’s birthday with a proper party. Since Steve axed all of my suggestions for party ideas…all outside the home so I didn’t have to a) clean, b) buy furniture for people to park their patoots on, c) organize, d) clean up the after party, e) clean, f) update framed photos of the kids…..I left the party planning up to him. As the first date we chose for the party approached and Steve had not yet sent out any invites, a second date had to be set to give him time to accomplish task #1, Tell people they are invited.

Aside from the small details like put toilet paper in the bathrooms, clean the bathrooms, clean the house, purchase more than just juice boxes and beer to drink, get dip for the veggies, and have forks for the cake, Steve planned one great party! We had plenty of beer.

There were definitely elements that only Steve would come up with. We played Toss The Chicken, where each kid threw a rubber chicken at a big basket that Steve maneuvered to the destination of each throw, ie each kid got the chicken in the basket and won a prize. The prizes all came from Archie McPhee. Squirrel Underpants was just one of the prizes won.

Finn's Birthday Party 020

Finn #1 Tosses the Chicken.

Finn's Birthday Party 023

Cameron Tosses the Chicken.

Finn's Birthday Party 032

Finn #2 Tosses the Chicken.

Finn's Birthday Party 024

Fynn #3 Tosses the Chicken. We had THREE Finns under one roof…All tossing chickens. Weird.

After the kids had their fill of sugar, Steve gathered them in our empty living room for a round of Whack The Dragon (get your minds out of the gutter, People). He set up a Dragon Piñata on a pole and gave a group of kids under the age of 7 a second pole to hit it with…..IN MY HOUSE. Yes, there was potential for disaster. Only one kid got hit, so I’d call it a success.

Finn's Birthday Party 037

Finn's Birthday Party 058

Finn's Birthday Party 062 

Finn's Birthday Party 070

We had Rule Breakers. There is always one in the group, in this case there were 3. The invite stated NO GIFTS. Finn was pretty pleased a few chose to ignore that instruction.

Then, after the party ended and I was cleaning up, I found this on the chalk wall, from Niamh. Love Her, Love Him.



Katie said...

Yay for Finn!! Having no furniture in your living room is actually perfect for parties, you don't have to move it out of the way and there is plenty of space for pianatas. You planned it perfectly!

Brooke said...

Looks like the ultimate 4 year-old birthday party. The tossing of the chicken is genius. I may have to steal that for when Cannon turns one. (I'm thinking for the adults of course, after a round at the shotski.)

Meg said...

Steve sounds like he planned one hell of a party! Wish we could have been there:(...we would have been on your list of rule breakers. Love that you call it a success with only one kid being hit. You kill me. Looks like a blast, have it on a day we can come next time...I blame Steve and his procrastination, we probably could have made the first date.

Julie said...

Love that 4 year old...and his big sis.

Can't believe I missed the squirrel underpants.