Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sick Day

Before Finn went to bed last night, he came to me rubbing his stomach and said, “I have a tummy ache.” I thought to myself, “4 year old seeking drugs. I’m not falling for it.” So, I said, “That’s too bad. You should go to sleep so that you forget about it. Nighty night!” *Niamh and Finn both love Tylenol, Motrin, Benedryl, Syrup of Ipecac….if they swallow their spit the wrong way and cough, they want medicine.* Between the hours of 10:00pm and midnight I paid for doubting him. He barfed the largest quantity of barf I think I have EVER seen. Need I remind you I am a nurse and I have seen more barf than the average Shmoe on the street? From the looks of what was all over his face, PJs, and bed, he had a lot of oranges at school earlier in the day.

I called in sick to work and Finn called in sick to preschool. “Yeah, hey, Mary Jo, this is Finn. Not the Finn in the Transition Room, this is the Finn in Preschool 2.  I’m not going to make it in today. Seems that the bushels of oranges you guys let me eat yesterday didn’t agree with me. If I don’t spike a temp in the next 24 hours, I’ll see you guys on Friday. Give Cameron a fist bump from me and let him know I’m ok…but have some self restraint with the citrus. Yep, see ya later, MJ.”

After my shower, I found Finn asleep on the couch with a PBS special running on the Rise and Fall of the Incas.



Unfortunately, he did become febrile later in the morning. I remember my mom giving us the choice of either an ice bath (literally the bath tub filled with cold water and ice cubes), or ice cold towels laid over us when we had fevers as kids. What the heck was wrong with Tylenol? Finn got some good old fashioned acetaminophen and a popsicle….ironically, he chose orange!


We did finally get dressed and made it out of the house for groceries but he stayed rosey cheeked until dinner time. He sure was snuggly and subdued all day. I have to admit, I liked it. Sweet Boy.


Loosy said...

Awe man, total bummer Finn. Hope you feel loads better by the time your mommy reads this comment.

Ps - You have one funny mommy.

Colin said...

I hope Finn feels better quick!!

Katie said...

He did look so cute with his red cheeks.
Ice bath? Seriously? Torture center.
Oh, and ONLY a nurse would refer to their child as "febrile".
Hope he's well enough for his party !

AL said...

Its good to see Pig stuck by his side.

alannams said...

Poor Finn. Glad he's feeling better though!
Ice baths? I don't remember those. Your memory is better than mine! I remember the lukewarm towels though. She still does recommends them when Ashling has a fever after a seizure.

Meg said...

Thanks for sending it our way Westovers...puke at our house last night from 8pm till morning. Our puke was made up mostly of grapes and frosted flakes. Some old milk too.
Geeze, that little Finn. Is it weird that I like him even better sick? Must be the nurse in me.
PS Let the kids know I still have some fentanyl at the bedside...I'd be happy to 'waste' it if they name there price.