Monday, February 22, 2010


Since the day these 2 friends met, I knew I should start planning for this day. Niamh had her first friend sleepover. A friend sleepover is totally different than a cousin sleepover. (Not that there isn’t a lot of excitement when Cousin Emily sleeps over.)

Thank goodness Jaya’s mom understands little girls so well. When they showed up to our house for the drop off, they had their arms loaded with bags of girlie stuff to make it a real party. The 2 girls had matching heart shaped pillows with hearts on them, blankets with hearts, mailboxes for love notes to decorate with glitter and cupcake cutouts, face paint, nail polish, matching T-shirts that said “LOVE”, and a tub o’ candy. They would have been very disappointed with my prep. I just cleaned the bathrooms and put clean sheets on Niamh’s bed. Shout out to you, Mel. You Rock!

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Finn shed some tears about not getting his own share of the frilly pink loot so he got a race car painted on his cheek. He also did his best to be involved with all the girls did for the next 24 hours. They were so good about not telling him to “buzz off”. Who could tell Finn to “buzz off”?


Movie Night!


Jaya is perhaps the smartest girl I know. I listen to her read in such amazement I feel as though I need to apologize for gawking. Steve and I feel really lucky that she hangs out with Niamh. I don’t think I could have hand picked a better kid for Niamh to have as her bestie. She is smart, has a unique sense of style, is kind to her sister and Finn, shows her parents respect, is appropriately shy with me and completely uninhibited with Niamh, and her family completely jives with ours. We will work on the dog phobia some time in the future so that we can some day adopt her as our nanny for Niamh and Finn.

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Sometimes I outdo my own expectations. Pancake art is going to be my “thing”. Mel can be the face painter. Steve can be the dad that plays XBox with the kids and builds cool LEGO cars. Ben? What you got?


The morning after, we took the bus to the zoo. I’m brave, I know.

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Wow! I did it. I wrote the whole post without mentioning Niamh’s behavior toward me while attempting to show off to her friend. That took a lot of restraint on my part.


Katie said...

I want a sleepover with face painting and pancake art.
The pancake art is impressive, I tried to do hearts before, they looked like boobs....

Loosy said...

That's no sleepover, that's like a kids camp. Wow. Impressive. Especially those pancakes. Workshop please.

malia said...

Flying to Paris (maybe Disneyland is more up their alley?) next weekend? how else are you going to keep them entertained after using up a lifetime of sleepover fun in one night?