Monday, May 24, 2010

OK, Don’t Freak. But, Have You Seen Them Too?

So, in our walks around the home hood, we’ve been seeing Little People. I think they are watching us.

Truth be told, I started noticing them after watching the movie 4th Kind. Have you seen it? No? Don’t. Well, Do, but only if you are man enough to handle it. I’m man enough (stop staring at my new hair cut). I love a good Alien story, a good tale of a haunting, and the idea of clairvoyant people is really intriguing. That movie kind of freaked me out though. Then, in walking around Wallyhood, me and the familia started seeing them.

     Mother's Day 037            This was the first one we noticed. I think it was Niamh that saw him. She thought he was cute. She’s just a kid, what does she know. He’s creepy.

Mother's Day 045There is this guy. Hanging around the bar. Is he working for the police?

Mother's Day 046   Mother's Day 077They are everywhere.

Mother's Day 047gnome in park






Did you really think that there are little ceramic gnomes out there spying on you?

Sheesh. That’s so silly.

Naw, this is the doing of Steve and his Minions. Steve went to Target, bought a bunch of figurines and came up with the idea of placing them around town where we take our walks. That way, we can look for them when we are out and about and need a quick distraction during a melt down because, well, because there are countless reasons why N and F melt down. None of them make sense to us rational people.

Mother's Day 009Mother's Day 010Mother's Day 012Mother's Day 013

Cute idea, huh? Look out for them when you are around our neck of the woods….they’ll be looking out for you.


Maria said...

i love this, and we will look for them! are there any at molly's? cuz we wanna start there.

Katie said...

Shut up. This is hilarious!!! AND yes, I totally thought this was some goofy wallingford thingie.
I had neighbors in capitol hill who had one of those "little people" outside their apt. I took it one night in a drunken stooper and accidently broke it. I then put it back sans arm. I think they hated me.

Katie said...

I think I like Steve being home, this was a good idea. Can he come to my neighborhood and do it as well?

bugbeefamily said...

Niamh and Finn have one awesome dad! That is for sure. Way to go Steve. I think he deserves the father of the year.

Brooke said...

WOW. Did Steve use a latter at QFC because that little guy was up there a ways. Steve you are freaking AWESOME. I love it. We spotted one today and I started jumping up and down, pointing and shouting, ''LOOOOK! LOOOOK!"

What a cool family the Westovers are.

fiona westover said...

Yes, Steve is hands down the best dad ever. He's a horrible housemate but a really great dad.