Sunday, May 9, 2010

So, When is Children’s Day?

Oh, Niamh, my Niamh. When Niamh realized I would be getting the attention and gifts today, she wanted to know “when is Children’s Day?” And, what is the overwhelming answer? “Everyday is Children’s Day”, can’t I have a day to myself?

We had such a, dare I say it, perfect day. Started (I won’t tell you what time because I don’t want anyone to get jealous or think that I am an awful mother) with swim lessons. Finn told me that because it is Mothers Day, he would put his head under water for 5 minutes. Buddy, while there are some days I would swear that having my kids' underwater for 5 minutes would be MY saving grace, I think that you promising to fulfill that wish {which I only have in moments of desperation and sleeplessness and I haven’t had in many many months} is really too much to ask of you.  However, Niamh actually submerged herself for THE FIRST TIME at swim lessons today. That really was a gift because, Niamh, My Dear Safe un-Daredevil, you are the oldest and tallest {and scrawniest} in your class by at least 2 years and 6 inches {and 5 lbs}, and I feared that all the 3 year olds would continue to pass Tadpoles and you would be there until your Elementary School Graduation. I now have hope that your swimsuit won’t be retired with your ballet slippers, gymnastics leotard, and soccer cleats. {sigh}.


Next on the agenda was brunch at Szmania’s in Magnolia. We felt fancy just crossing the bridge in to Magnolia. We didn’t quite bring our best manners with us from Wallyhood, but we did bring our appetites.

Will someone please mess up my hair in the next few photos? I look like the dude on the Little Caesars Pizza box.

Mother's Day 015Mother's Day 016  Mother's Day 019

Finn ate: pancakes, eggs, muffin, scone, strawberries, 2 yogurts, potatoes, chicken strip, my halibut, my asparagus, my potatoes, and juice. He visited the bathroom twice.

Mother's Day 020

Niamh ate: a pancake, a strawberry, a yogurt, and juice. How does she keep that girlish figure, I just don’t know.

Mother's Day 021 Mother's Day 022 Mother's Day 023 Mother's Day 024 Mother's Day 026 Mother's Day 027

I’ll get back to this.

Mother's Day 028

After digesting for all of 45 minutes, Steve’s Mom, Brother, and his family met at our house for ice cream. We did somersaults and cartwheels all the way to Molly Moon’s. Kinda disappointed nobody captured my perfect 10 on film.

Mother's Day 029 Mother's Day 030 Mother's Day 031 Mother's Day 032  Mother's Day 034 Mother's Day 035

Mother’s Day is no day off from Mom duties. Kids still need their pants buttoned.

Mother's Day 039 

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, our destination. FYI, Sasquatch is TO DIE FOR. Totally worth the 8 billion calories.

Mother's Day 076

Oblivious to the dog about to eat her in one bite, Niamh takes advantage of the camera being on her alone.

Mother's Day 052

Cousin Emily, Niamh, and Finn in front of the Castlereach Apartments. Who would have known this building existed, nestled in between M. Moon’s and Issian Restaurant if they didn’t have 30 minutes in an ice cream line to kill. Quite a nice teal green frames the door. Reminds me of a Pub entrance in my ancestors’ homeland (Eire). Agreed?

Mother's Day 059

Don’t look discouraged, Finn, ice cream is coming soon.

Mother's Day 056

Steve took advantage of the time in line to practice his self-portrait skillz.

 Mother's Day 067 Mother's Day 069 Mother's Day 070

YAY!!!!!!!!!!! Starburst! Finn was starving after eating just a light lunch earlier in the day.

Mother's Day 078 Mother's Day 074

More tumbling on the way home.

Mother's Day 080 Mother's Day 087

And now, this……

Mother's Day 089

4 years ago, we moved in to this old house. The power outlet I use most often, the one I connect the vacuum to at least twice each day, was loose. I cursed {Steve’s name} every day when the cord would pull out of the wall because the outlet was loose after 90 years of use. Steve has been promising me he would replace it for years. “It only takes a couple of minutes.” So, why, WHY, Why did it take 4 years to do? {As he sits next to me he says, “because I had to turn the power off”. Do you know how many times we have turned the power off around here for one project or another? Me neither, but its a lot. Lame excuse, Buddy.} So, THIS power outlet is the best Mother’s Day gift ever. Tomorrow, there is a fancy bike coming for me in the mail. I think I’m going to really like it because it comes with accessories and a big fat cushy seat for my big fat cushy rear end. But, I really think that I am going to appreciate this power outlet for many years to come.

Happy Mothers Day.




Brooke said...

I love this post. I love this family. I love your new outlet. I love your hair. I LOVE your necklace. Can I have it? I love your dress. I love your little swimmer. I love your membership to Molly Moon's. I love the Westovers. Happy Mother's Day.

Meg said...

Oh where to even begin...this looks like the quinessential Mama's Day! Hate you for getting to sleep in, love you for having an unathletic daughter, love your super cute outfit, love you for comparing yourself to Little Caesar, hate you for having access to salt licorice ice cream at your finger tips, love you for only wanting a new outlet, love you for gettting a bike with a kickstand, and hate you for being so damn perfect. You are pretty wonderful. So, what she would do for the kid's on 'kid's day?'...make their food, buy them stuff, give them our undivided attention and every ounce of our soul, not hit them even if we really really want to? Should be an unusual day:).

AL said...

Tell Niamh I am so proud of her dunking her head (on film no less!)
Did the girl at Molly Moon's see your hair? Did she fear you were stalking her after the photo taking, then showing up like her?