Friday, August 20, 2010


056 033 Same Dog, Same Kid. 37 days between photos.  Unbelievable.

When I weighed the pups the day we brought them home, and then again 4 days later, they had each gained 2lbs….in FOUR DAYS! Sure, I can gain 2 lbs in under an hour but 2 lbs was a 25% increase in their body weight. I decided this was something I needed to somehow document.

058 002

I’ve been weighing the pups every Sunday and writing down the numbers, which shock me every week. It’s taken Niamh nearly 7 years to get to 40lbs. These showoffs are going to get there in less than 6 months.

Here’s what we’ve got so far.

                       8 weeks             9 weeks             10 weeks           11 weeks

Fred                8.2 lbs                11 lbs                12.4 lbs              14.2 lbs                                                       Gus                 8.6 lbs                11.8 lbs             14.4 lbs              16.4 lbs

We will soon be moving to a nearby island just like Emily Elizabeth did for Clifford.


Meg said...

I do the same on Sundays, except I don't look as cute the bigger I get. Oh, and my numbers are measured in kilograms...makes me feel slimmer.

AL said...

OMG, they are so cute. When they are a bit bigger they have to meet Stoli. He's actually very nice to other dogs, he just doesn't like JJ.