Friday, August 20, 2010

You Totally Want To Be My Neighbor

Ok, so there is a lot of screaming coming from our house. We are horrible groundskeepers. We don’t have furniture for you to sit on when you come visit. I don’t knock on doors with plates of baked goods or organic veggies from my garden. HOWEVER, the lovely people who live around me are really good parents. They have lush gardens with fresh veggies and berries. They own couches. And, then DO knock on doors with plates of birthday cake, cookies, and cobbler.

Not enough to convince you? We also have a liquor store within stumbling distance. The Gas Station for emergency hormone loaded milk, eggs, vegetable oil, and packaged cookies so old that a visible layer of dust covers the top box on the shelf. A taco truck that has gained citywide recognition. And, we have Golden Oldies (shame what happened to the place. I swear, I don’t have any super powers. Even though I have been dreaming of a cute clothing boutique moving in to the space, filled with jeans and tunic shirts and cute but practical shoes, I don’t think that all my wishes could have made that minivan crash through the store’s wall. Or, maybe I should test my super powers out one more time just to be sure. I would really like a low carb, low fat, pastry and coffee shop to move in to the old Winchell’s spot. Wish wish wish. twitch of the nose. wave of the wand. Let’s see what happens, eh?). Could you want anything else?

Oh, you could want more? Like friends gathered on the lawn for a ‘mallow roast? Yep, we’ve got that.




More? How about a block party complete with a Blues Clues Bouncy House and live music? Uh huh, we’ve got that. 

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Even more? Ok, what if I told you that we have a kiddies parade every year with marching bands, drill teams, fire trucks, and pirates? Oh, yeah, we’ve got that, too.

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So, Brooke, you can keep your Green Wally ‘Lard. I’m staying put (but I wouldn’t mind being invited for dinner some time) .


Meg said... you're just showing off.

Brooke said...

Whatev's, you totally do drive-bys.