Friday, August 20, 2010

Why They Need A Daddy

If they didn’t have a Daddy, or at least a Daddy like the one they’ve got, they would never go to festivals like The Bite of Seattle. The Bite of Seattle isn’t like a grand festival of exotic foods for which you get tasty little bite size samples. The name of this event is misleading. The Bite of Seattle is really just concentrated booths of fair food, without the fair rides or petting zoo.


Even if their Mommy would take them to places like The Bite of Seattle, she surely would not let them have snow cones…..


followed by food on a stick……….


followed by strawberry lemonade……….


But she would let them have the balloons.


And she wouldn’t mind the crash after the sugar high either.


Meg said...

Thank God for Steve, your kids would be so weird if they never got this junk. I'm a firm believer in wrecking the lining of stomachs of small builds up their immune system (medically proven, I promise). If they didn't have tummy aches every now and then, how would they know to appreciate when they feel good?

Brooke said...

i'm laughing at meg's comment.