Monday, October 4, 2010

Should I or Shouldn’t I?

I probably shouldn’t, but I will. I’m going to share a short convo Niamh had with Steve yesterday.

Steve said they were watching television and a commercial came on for Viagara. Niamh asked him Daddy do you need that?

You can imagine Steve’s proud answer because after all, Steve is Steve, he’s eternally 14 years old…. as in Steve would giggle if I said something like Finn is in the yard playing with his balls….meaning a bunch of bouncy balls, not, well, you get it.

Anyhow, Steve said no, he didn’t need it. Niamh then said, Oh, because you’re a healthy male?

Another touching Father-Daughter moment at The Westover house.


Brooke said...

Love it.

... said...

it will be ok when steve needs viagra.
we won't tell anyone once you tell us on your blog.

Meg said...

It could have gotten really uncomfortable if Niamh asked him to 'prove it.' Ahh, yes, I took it to that level. Just here to help.