Friday, October 1, 2010

Coming Of Age

Niamh lost her very first tooth.

It was wiggly for quite a long time. For about a year she has been forcing it to move back and forth.

I think she has wanted it out for a few reasons. 1) It means she is growing up. Niamh has been asking me if she can drive since she was about 18 months old. Losing a tooth is confirmation that she is actually getting older, and closer to driving age. 2) Jaya has already lost a couple of teeth. As Jaya’s Best Friend Forever, Niamh needed to have the same experience so that they can compare notes. 3) Niamh is a big fan of Fairies and the Tooth Fairy is, like, Queen of them all. 4) Niamh likes to put things under her pillow. Exhibits A and B.


The tooth finally came out as she was getting ready for bed. She was pulling her jammies over her head and the neck got caught on the tooth and snapped it out. She just looked at me, stuck her tongue out, and there it was, sitting on the end of her tongue.

Raise your hand if you just hunched over in the “I’m going to barf position.” Wiggly teeth make me queasy too.

She was obviously thinking a lot about this tooth and the Tooth Fairy at school as well. When Steve and I went to curriculum night, we found these in her folder. Please note the silly bandz the Tooth Fairy is wearing in the second picture. That Fairy is fly, Yo.

tooth fairy 001 Tooth Fairy with silly bandz 001

I don’t know what all those captions coming off of Mrs. Fairy mean, but I’ll ask her later and get back to y’all.

After the tooth came out, she paced her room saying things like Oh my god. Oh my god. I can’t believe it. Oh my god. Finn, just wait until YOU lose your first tooth. Oh my god. Just wait until she starts her menses, or kisses her first boy. There will be posts on those events, too.

So, she went to bed with her tooth under her pillow.

Finn went to bed with another note for the Tooth Fairy under his pillow giving permission to touch Pig.

The next morning, while I was at work, I called to hear how it all went. Did the Tooth Fairy pay her a visit?

Pay she did. Niamh got $5 from the gal! She also received the following note.

From the Toth Fairy 001

The next night was exciting too. Niamh discovered that the Tooth Fairy forgot her tooth on the bathroom sink! That was weird.


And so begin the awkward years.


Julie said...

Did someone at the Westover house go to Tooth Fairy school? That letter was brilliant!!
She is even cuter gap-toothed. Cheers to the akward years!

Katie said...

love it.
I esp. love the tooth fairy's outfit. It looks like the tooth fairy was thinking of you? The caption to the left looks like it says "mommy".
I couldn't even read the details of how Niamh's tooth fell out because it makes me cringe!!! I'm still trying to not think about it.

AL said...

That's creepy that the tooth fairy used your bathroom while she was visiting. You would think she could time these things better. Hope Santa doesn't do a big stinky one on Christmas eve.....