Friday, September 24, 2010

This Little Problem I Have

I keep buying jackets for Finn, forgetting that I’ve already bought jackets for Finn. I see something on sale, or in great consignment store condition, and I think “What a deal, Finn will fit in to that eventually.” Problem is, he never fits in to it now. So, we have 4 jackets that don’t fit, and one that looks like it is suddenly getting too small for him. Or, maybe it just looks small compared to the other ones that clearly won’t fit this winter.

Whenever I bring the new purchase home and open the closet to hang it up, I see all the other ones hanging there. Then I think, Oops, forgot about those ones. Well, I’ll just keep this one too. Eventually it will fit. Shut door. Lose memory. See deal on coat. Repeat.






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I have the same problem with Niamh and shoes. She has 2 pairs that fit, and about 5 that don’t.

I’m sure Finn will fit these jackets perfectly next Summer, and grow out of them by next Winter.

P.S. I love this kid so much.


MWesty said...

You should get him on "America's Next Top Dorky Model". Maybe they will do a Father son episode and Steve can go too.

malia said...

he is working that least they're all really cool. can i borrow the ones that are too big? we'll take the hand me downs.

Meals by Misty said...

I did a search for Finn Westover, since I have a newborn named Finn Westover :) Your adorable little man popped up! So, from one Finn Westover to another, Happy Saturday :)

Alanna Shaw, MFT said...

The last 3 look like they fit well enough. Love the plaid one. He certainly knows how to work the camera! He is a goofy lil guy!

Can't wait to see him in November!

AL said...

If he's a Westover, he needs lots of jackets. If you saw my dad's coat closet you'd freak. funny there is another Finn Westover out there!