Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Highlights of the day for me included:

Niamh using the term “Mother Load” in a sentence. I couldn’t find my lunchbox because we all put them in a big bin that was like THE MOTHER LOAD of lunchboxes.

Arriving at Finn’s preschool just in time to overhear his teacher say Finn, we don’t say “Butt Head” at school.

All the kids in Finn’s class ratting out the boy who actually said Butt Head, thereby restoring Finn’s untarnished reputation among preschoolers.

Getting the right combo of shampoo (Aveda Be Curly), conditioner (Aveda Be Curly), styling base spray (Bumble and Bumble Tonic Prep), and styling cream (Moroccan Oil Curl Cream), wearing my rain coat with the rain hood over my head on the walk to school creating just the right amount of warm humidity for my hair to dry…all resulting in a good hair day.

093 077

Peace to Your Mama.

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Meg said...

She's still cool. He's still sweet. You still have the best hair. A very good day. Word.