Monday, September 20, 2010

Big Ole Lump of Love

Tomorrow I am taking Fred and Gus to The Barking Lounge for a day of doggie bliss. (Be sure to watch for them on the live webcam.) Our basement floor needs to be resurfaced, so Fred and Gus must vacate their area.

Steve was asking me where the pups are going to be. I told him it is the same place that we used to take Eddy. Steve remembered that when Eddy would go there, they would put him in the “Small and Shy Dog” area. Our 84 lb (on a skinny day) lap dog would spend the day with Chihuahuas and Yorkies!

That boy was one in a million. He really really was. (now tears). He was unaware of his size and strength. He would never hurt anything. All he ever wanted was to sit on a human lap and eat dirty diapers. I miss him.



AL said...

I remember when Eddy came over and JJ spent the whole time barking and biting him on the back left ankle and he didn't even flinch. Stoli could us a drop of Eddy patience. JJ could use a gallon of his mellowness. That is such a great picture of him.

AL said...

Me again - I just checked the Barking Lounge Webcam. One dog pooped, then the rest started pooping and the staff is scooping as fast as they can, then spraying and it all started over again. Doggie Heaven!!!

Maria said...

Glad to know that eating dirty diapers is normal behavior... for a dog that is. We thought Truman was a singularly gross canine, but good to know he is not alone. Phew!

Meg said...

Ahhh, Eddy boy. Something tells me Gus won't be far off. And Freddy will the dog you never knew you wanted:).

Julie said...

Eddy was canine perfection, indeed.
For a 4 legged dog, that is.
SO glad you have your little boys back.