Monday, December 14, 2009

I Love My Dog

We have this big huge softie of a dog. He weighs anywhere between 85-90 pounds (we all have our skinny days and our "I'm retaining water" days). A lot of people are afraid of him when we are out walking or when they come to the door. I keep telling them that he is friendly, couldn't hurt a flea...or a Chihuahua!
We took care of our good friend's 2 Chihuahuas last week while she was away. We had been camping with them a few times over the summer and the kids just loved the little different than their own big beast at home....and Niamh says, "Saying Chihuahua is really fun!" So, we took Sadie and India in to the family for 5 days.
I took this video of Eddy greeting them when they first arrived. Now, if this doesn't convince you that this old dog is the friendliest and most harmless creature, I don't know what will. Beware of the Chihuahua though!
I have to make a note about the state of the house in this video. The orange cord hanging from the door was for some lights we were hangning from the porch. They have since been taken down because the cord is just so tacky. We had also just put up the Christmas ornaments and the boxes are still lying around. The pack and play by the door was just returned to me after I loaned it out and still hadn't put it away. And, there is also the Chihuahuas' kennel in the middle of the room. Geez, what slobs we are!


Julie said...

LOVE IT! This captures each dog's personality perfectly. Sweet Eddy. I love that nubbin wag of his! Hope they eventually all warmed up to each other.

K. said...

I don't care what Therese says, those chihuahuas dont like anybody.

fiona westover said...

In defense of the Chihuahuas, they are the cuddliest little monsters ever. While Sadie (the little one), is a fiesty little devil, she has a really funny personality. She loved playing with her sister India (the big one), and she gets bursts of energy where she prances around wagging her tail furiously and paws at you to play with her.
India is such a love, as you can see by her lack or force with Eddy. Maybe she just lets her sister Sadie fight her battles. As Steve said, "The fat ones are always nicer." India never made a peep, just kind of scurried around when she didn't think Eddy was watching her. India loved to snuggle up and I found her in Niamh's room on her bed all the time, curled up in a pile of blankets.
They are pretty sweet pups...Sadie has some issues with her size though.

AL said...

Small dogs always have 'issues'...believe me!

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