Thursday, December 10, 2009

Niamh's Birthdays

It must be because Niamh's birthday is always around Thanksgiving that the celebration seems to go on forever! This year her birthday was actually on Thanksgiving Day. So, we celebrated at home in the morning, at Grandma's and Grandpa's that evening, then had her birthday party with her friends a week later. Truly, it all started a few days before her actual birthdate because on Monday morning (3 days before the day), she declared that we should call her "Birthday Girl" since her birthday was upon us. Yes, Ma'am.
Get ready for the onslaught of photos..........

Remember that Doll House I keep referring to? The one I spent so much time making prettier for her? Well, turns out, all it needed was some fancy princess castle furniture from Auntie Alex to make it fun to play with.

This doll was the gift that Steve and I bought for her. It took a lot for me to break down and get it for her. She kept pointing it out to Grandma in the toy store and said it was what she really wanted for her birthday. Niamh has so many dolls and stuffed animals that she loves for about 2 hours and then go in a pile in the round red tub in the play room. I figured I might as well get her the toy she asked for and won't play with, rather then get her the toy she didn't ask for and won't play with. I know you are dying to know if she plays with it? What do you think?

On to celebration #2 at Grandma's and Grandpa's house.....

Makeup, obviously a grandparent gift.

Makeup, obviously a gift that Finn enjoys as much as Niamh. He applied this himself.

Pumpkin Pie! Her favorite dessert!

And the Finale, her party with her friends at Paint The Town at U Village, followed by lunch at Pallino Pastaria. A venue I would definitely repeat.
Niamh has a fun group of friends she has met in kindergarten. Though the #2 person on her list of invites was her teacher (suck up),  we thought it best to let teachers have rest from their students on the weekends.

Yes, that is Jaya with the Buckaroo hat on. I'm telling you, that girl's style is tough to match.

Not shy for the camera. These girls are all personality.

I was only a little surprised that Finn chose a purple monkey as his art piece.

During lunch, this Sweetie told me she could only eat a little bit of cake because she is getting a she only ate the frosting. Love her restraint and discipline.

My favorite shot from all the parties!
Happy 6th birthday, Niamh....again. Guess what, Girlie, December is someone else's birthday month. I'm not talking about that baby in the hay. I'm talking about ME, your Mama. I think I'm ready for you to start referring to ME as "Birthday Girl."


Julie said...

How FUN! Love the bench shot, too.
Must we call you "Birthday Girl" at work?
Which dolly do you want for your special day? I imagine you are through with the ones you have to feed and change their poopie diapers. How about a dolly that tells you how beautiful and smart and stylish you are?
How cool is it that pumpkin pie is Niamh fave.

Kelli Kolstad said...

You and your kids are hilarious! Can I get in on the "Birthday Girl" thing too. It might be a little confusing at work, but we could probably go by Birthday Girl W. and Birthday Girl K. Your pictures make me think I'd rather have a kid instead of a doll, then I could dress her in cowboy hats, UGGs and blue eyeshadow. How adorable and stylish the children of Seattle are, well maybe not the kimono...jury's still out on that outfit.

K. said...

Dear Birthday Girl,
How cute is Niamh? I mean, she's pretty much the cutest. I love Finn in this last pic, his little smile, with all the ladies. I hope Niamh plays with that dollhouse, if not, I'll buy it off you. I'll never be able to create something that amazing for Simone, so I'll just pay up.

K. said...

p.s.- does she play with the doll?