Thursday, December 3, 2009

Day at the Salon

Recently, Niamh got a really cute bob style hair cut. It was so perfectly adorable that I decided to take her to see the gal who cuts my hair at Gene Juarez downtown. I wanted Chloe to make it just a little bit edgier, not so cutesy perfect.
We entered the salon and the receptionist handed each of us a smock to change in to. I took Niamh to one of the curtained rooms to take off our coats and put on the robe. As I was putting mine on, Niamh said to me, "Do I keep my underwear on, Mama?" I turned to look at her and her skirt was at her ankles and she was pulling down her tights! Hilarious! "No, Babe, we aren't here for a female exam. Just a hair cut!" We'll have that bonding moment in about 10 more years.

ADORABLE and edgy!


K. said...

again, Niamh and I rock the same hair.
girls got style.

MWesty said...

Looks awesome. Very modelly. Can she please talk Emily into cutting her hair? Please?

Meg said...

She looks just like K. Sands...but seems like she'd be nicer;). Love your little hipster, and love that she wanted a naked hair cut...see, she's already got edge!