Thursday, December 24, 2009

‘Twas the Night Before Christmas

And Finn had a lot of questions about everything Santa. Nonstop inquiries about how he arrives, gets down the chimney, puts out the fire, opens the fireplace screen, closes the screen, puts the fire back on. How the reindeer land, take off, sound, eat, fly.

In the video they are “discussing” how Santa closes the fireplace screen.

Happy Holidays from our loving family that knows how to talk out our disagreements to yours.


Meg said...

Thank you for being the funniest person I know. Okay, so you're probably over it, because I say it all the time. But this really is priceless! I am literally dying.

AL said...

As the oldest sister, I differ from Niamh. Instead of saying "You're making me upset" I would challenge my brothers to a contest to see who could touch the outside of the toaster the longest. I was the judge, not a participant. Blistered fingers make it tough to open presents. Niamh needs to spend a weekend with me at Little Brother torture camp.

K. said...

hahahaahah. i love them. i really love how niamh runs off crying, YOU keep videotaping and Finn continues with the questions. Way to document their lives. Tears and all.

Anonymous said...

You do not sugar coat the realities of Mommyhood at all! I appreciate that. It makes me more realistically prepared for when I have my own pod of ankle biters screaming and fighting around me. However, I love that you see the humor in those situations. It's a good perspective to have when it could easily go the other way. MAIREAD.